About Us

Providing the safest most tested, most effective Sports and Life supplements to ever hit the market. Backed with 25 plus years in the industry and 13 years Health Wellness Sports retail sales. We have seen it, tried it, even sold it, and now,.... we create it!!.... the best Sports and Life products.
Tested trialed.... PROVEN!
iOX began from a formula that was created to help a family member in need. The product showed so many benefits that many Health & Wellness veterans with 20 plus years in health and sports all responded urgently "YOU MUST PUT THIS FORMULA IN A SPORTS MARKET! ATHELTES NEED THIS! Active people need this!!  SustainOgine by iOX was created.
As mentioned above, iOX's products are first designed to meet the health needs and demands of our iOX family and friends before these products are offered for sale.
We will bring you the most tested and effective multidimensional Sport and Life supplements ever created.... supported by the most innovative multi faceted technology in training accessories.
Combining the understanding of how the body responds to supplemental nutrition in sports and applying that to life... combining those results and the facts that life is highly technical mental and physically competitive sport...... iOX will look for needs, design solutions and create products that will shock and awe.
Whether you are a workout mom, a UFC fighter, or an entertaining performing musician on tour,... you want your body working and operating at optimal levels when needed. We assist you, your bodys' potential to reach new limits and further. Along with super efficient recovery. It does not matter if you are in school, out of school, living life, or into extreme sports. iOX products will make your engine run better in a multitude of ways.